5 New Advances in Auto Safety

As the years go by, we see more and more changes and advances occur where automobile safety is concerned. This is largely due to new technologies that begin with one manufacturer, and the rest usually follow suit. You will typically see auto safety features present themselves in a higher end vehicle but once awareness increases and the cost of the features decrease, they begin to appear everywhere. Here are five of the most recent advances in auto safety:

Rear Radar Sensors

Different vehicles have different designs, and these designs are what make it easy or difficult to see out of the various windows in the vehicle. When backing out of a parking spot it can be difficult to see what is behind you. Rear radar is an auto safety advancement that is also incredibly convenient. When you put your vehicle into reverse, this rear radar technology will scan the area behind you for anything from a small child or a downed tree branch, to a bicycle laying in the street. An alarm will sound if there is anything in your way.


In addition to rear radar alarms, there are also safety cameras on certain vehicles that give a complete panoramic view around the vehicle. This can assist with driving in reverse, parallel parking, and changing lanes. Many cameras will also sound an alarm if a foreign object or another vehicle comes into a close range of your vehicle, giving you time to react appropriately.

Automatic High Beam Control

A convenient and safe addition to all vehicles is automatic high beam control. This feature will automatically turn on and dim your headlights as your vehicle reacts to oncoming traffic. There is a small camera sensor that is mounted on the back (front-facing side) of the rearview mirror. When oncoming traffic is detected, the high beams will be disengaged. Some vehicles have more advanced high beam control that does not just switch between high and low, but will gradually change the brightness. High beams will switch back on when approaching traffic has passed.

Parental Control

Many parents were thrilled when parental control auto safety features came onto the market. This safety option allows parents to control how loud the audio system can go, as well as how fast the vehicle can go. An alarm will sound if seatbelts are not fastened. There is a service parents can also sign up for that will send alerts to a cell phone when a certain speed is exceeded, and the vehicle’s location is updated on an app every 10 seconds.

Driver Capability Technology

There are high end vehicles that actually have a memory for how the primary driver operates the vehicle. If the driver capability computer in the vehicle senses that the driver is impaired or tired, the vehicle will sound an alarm that lets the driver know that it might be time to park the vehicle and take a break.

While you will find a number of automobile advances that focus on convenience and design, auto safety is still a top priority. Advances are occurring every model year across the board, whether you are shopping for a more basic vehicle or a high end model. With these safety features contributing to lower accident rates each year, the future is sure to bring about even more advancements.

Even with these advances, car accidents still happen. If you are a personal injury victim of an auto or truck accident, we can help you get the fair treatment and compensation you deserve. Click here to schedule your no-obligation case review.