7 Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Ask any motorcyclist and they will tell you, motorcycle accidents are something they take very seriously. Due to the exposed nature of the driver, motorcycle accidents can cause very serious personal injuries. In order to avoid them you need to be aware of the likely causes. Here are seven of the most common types of motorcycle accidents.

1. The Car Coming Toward You Turns Left

This accident occurs when a car in oncoming traffic is waiting to turn left, thinks you’re driving slower than you really are, and turns to go through your lane. Head on collisions can occur sending you over the bars and onto the road. Avoid this by anticipating the driver’s mistake. Assume they’re going to pull out in front of you.

2. Loose Gravel While Cornering

These accidents occur when road sediment and grit accumulate, or when construction crews fail to clean up after working on the roads. When you take a corner be sure to look ahead for signs of loose gravel.

3. Cornering Too Fast

By far one of the most common causes for younger cyclists on motorcycles designed for aggressive speed, entering a corner with excess speed is sure to create a dangerous situation. Understand the physics behind the motorcycle, and how excess speed when cornering will cause a great difference in how the cycle reacts.

4. Cars Changing Lanes

It’s very easy for motorcycles to get lost in blind spots of an auto driver’s view. When this occurs on multi-lane highways, as the car changes lanes, all too often motorcycles get hit on the side, causing very dangerous crashes. Always be aware of your surroundings and be sure you can see who is on both sides of you.

5. Group Riding 

While riding with groups is fun, it’s also a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. If you choose to go out for group rides be aware of the space the entire group is taking on the road and position yourself to the outside of the pack.

6. Front Brake Lock-ups

Of all the accidents, a front brake lock-up is among the scariest for bikers as it gives them the least amount of control and response options. To avoid front brake lock-ups learn how to apply what is known as a feathered braking technique.

7. Slick Roads

There are an endless amount of things that can create a slippery and hazardous road. Everything from rain, sleet, ice and oil spills can cause slick areas. Be aware of the surface and do not use excessive speed or aggressive steering when in a slick spot.

Now that you know some of the most common motorcycle accidents you can use that knowledge to help avoid them.

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