Hail Hammers North Texas, Damages Cars, Roofs – Insurance Claims Abound

Baseball and golf ball-sized hail rolled through North Texas April 11, 2016, bringing millions in damage to an already-damaged-filled spring storm season.  Storms in March caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the North Texas area, and will result in hundreds of millions in insurance claims according to estimates by the Texas Insurance Council.  But yesterday’s storms reported baseball size hail across North Texas from Alvord and Sunset, to Plano, Allen, Murphy and on over to Wylie, and could cause damage estimates for the year to reach the one billion mark.  Amateur meteorologists posted photos of the golf ball sized hail on nbcdfw.com, and a few posted video of the hail impacts as the hail was falling.

Alvord and Sunset see softball size hail

hailstorm causes insurance claims

Alvord resident Blaine Hamilton in Alvord, Texas, submitted this photo to www.nbcdfw.com.

And a resident of Sunset, Texas submitted this footage of the hail as it fell:

Although the full extent of auto and property damage from the April 11, 2016 storm has probably not yet been fully reported, from the size and extent of the hail, it appears likely that this storm caused millions more in damage to cars and homes.  All totaled, the spring storm damage estimates are likely to reach the $1 billion mark in April.

For more photos of hailstones from this storm: http://www.nbcdfw.com/weather/stories/Your-Hail-Photos—April-11-2016-375321251.html

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