Over 20 Years of
Legal Experience.

Our team of attorneys at J. Thomas Law Firm makes it their mission to provide exceptional legal services in a cost-efficient way. We believe in honesty and directness during the legal process, and simplify complex legal matters so they are easy for our clients to understand. We work hard to quickly evaluate claims in order to devise a strategy that achieves the results our clients seek.

We possess extensive experience in representing clients in matters that involve insurance and personal injury. More importantly, we understand insurance carriers, their adjusters, and how cases are handled internally by the carrier. We are equipped to provide up-to-date information addressing recent issues in insurance law.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to handle personal injury suits, insurance bad faith lawsuits, coverage opinions, and pre-suit matters including examinations under oath. Further, our firm has the necessary experience to represent and coordinate litigation throughout the country for large corporate clients as well as individual clients.

Jason Thomas has an in-depth jury trial background that he brings to the table. In addition, he brings a vast spectrum of experience that benefits his clients. Each case is important to us, and handled as a priority.

J. Thomas Law Firm is a full service, multi-disciplinary law firm with legal expertise and practice areas that include: