Driving on a Road

Ways to Protect Yourself Against an Uninsured Driver

Despite the requirement by every state for all drivers to have some form of insurance, not everyone chooses to obey the law. Cases where uninsured drivers are involved in accidents becomes difficult, because they do not have insurance to help pay for any claims against them. To protect yourself from such incidents, it is important to put safety measures in place that will protect you from an uninsured driver. The following are some of the ways you can keep yourself safe from uninsured drivers.

  • Be familiar with your state laws. Usually, it is the requirement of motor vehicle departments to publish a list of the various automobile insurance requirements on their websites. To protect yourself from an uninsured driver, check whether your state requires minimal coverage only, or comprehensive coverage with uninsured motorist coverage included. Also, find out if your state is a no-fault state. This means that you can only use your insurance company for reimbursement on the damages during the accident, regardless of whose fault it was, and you cannot collect damages from other parties.
  • Ensure you have sufficient liability coverage on your own policy. Confirming this information will only require a simple phone call with your insurance company or agent. You can also perform a thorough review on your policy to make sure it meets the requirements of your state. While checking on the specifics of your policy, you should also double-check whether there is other additional coverage available that is related to uninsured drivers.
  • Buy uninsured motorist coverage. Although it may not be a requirement by your state, it is always important to have a policy that includes the uninsured motorist coverage. This policy insures you for any harm on your body or on your vehicle when involved in an accident caused by an uninsured driver. Most policies will insure anyone in your car as well as protect you if you are in another person’s car. It is also important to make sure that your policy covers you on any injuries sustained from an accident while jogging or walking.
  • Document everything during an accident. When involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, make sure you obtain their contact details, take down the model, the make, and the vehicle’s plate number. You may also get names and contact details from a witness. This can play a major role in establishing who was at fault. Take photos and call the police in order to get a police report of the accident.
  • Hire a lawyer after an accident. When involved in an accident with uninsured motorist, a personal injury lawyer could really be of help. The lawyer will be able to investigate whether the driver was covered under anyone else’s policy while on the road. The lawyer will also assist you with getting reimbursed from your insurance company if that becomes necessary.
  • Practice defensive driving. To keep you protected from any potential accident or uninsured drivers, remain focused and alert on the road while driving. This way, you will be able to notice erratic and unsafe drivers, slow down, and let them pass you or move to another lane. Make sure all your attention is on the road and be aware of the other motorists. Avoid eating and drinking, or texting and talking on the phone while driving. All of these are ways to ensure defensive driving which will keep you safe from avoidable accidents.

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