What Is Personal Injury Law?

It’s quite common for a person to have an accident whether at work, on the go around town, or in their home. Depending on the severity of the accident, this can be a very stressful time in a person’s life, affecting their entire family as well. Personal injury law exists and is designed to protect a person’s livelihood in the case that a personal injury negatively impacts your life. While you may be aware that you have certain rights with this type of injury, you might not understand the exact specifics of personal injury law or how it works. Here is a quick rundown.

Personal Injury Cases

When a person suffers some sort of injury because of an accident, someone else may be responsible. The injured person has the legal right to begin the process of a personal injury case in order to prove they were not at fault, in most cases to help with medical or other bills associated with the incident. A formal lawsuit can be filed by one person on another individual, a corporation, or even a government agency. This is typically to show that an injury was sustained because of neglect or something along those lines.

The Judgment Period

Personal injury cases can often be settled outside of the courtroom. Two lawyers or two insurance companies can often come to a favorable agreement for both parties without having to take on a full lawsuit. It’s always preferred for a settlement to be reached peacefully, as this saves both sides valuable time and money. When a negotiation is made, both parties will sign an agreement that prevents them from being able to pursue a lawsuit in the future regarding the particular incident.

Statute Of Limitations

Once an injury has been sustained, there is a certain amount of time that can go by when a lawsuit is no longer an option. This amount of time can vary based on the state where the injury occurred, or the type of incident. This statute of limitations is also in place to keep things honest. A person should not be able to come along ten years later, trying to seek retribution for something that happened so long ago. If a personal injury claim is legitimate, a case should be set into motion as soon as possible.

Determining If You Have A Case

Each personal injury case is different and a professional attorney who is experienced with personal injury law can help determine if you have a valid case. Consulting with a professional will allow a thorough investigation of the timeline of the events, the laws involved, and the evidence that exists.

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